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The interactivity platform for companies of all sizes

Trusted by leading global corporations and Fortune 100 companies

Our 12 modules allow users to maximize participation, knowledge retention, and engagement.

Why MeetingPulse?

MeetingPulse is the market leader in offering a powerful, flexible interactivity platform for polls, Q&A, moderation, surveys, raffles, and more. Whether it’s a gathering of 10 or 10,000 people coming together, inside those events, MeetingPulse enables meetings that count.

With MeetingPulse you can...

Run your meetings
and events more

Collect and share
live data with your audience.

Increase training effectiveness and track knowledge retention.

Measure and incentivize
employee participation.


Takes minutes to get started, seconds to start a meeting.


Access via short link

Works in any browser: no app installs or downloads required.

Cloud Icon

No installs

Attendees join instantly on their devices via a short link.


Built on a cloud infrastructure that supports tens of thousands of active participants.


Make it yours. Enable only the features you need and apply your own branding.


The UI feels like an app: it’s optimized for phones, gesture-based and intuitive.

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform:

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Chat (Beta)

Host real time messaging and open up free flowing conversation with a live chat.

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Create a schedule for your event so that your attendees understand where and when they need to be.

Schedule Options

• Bookable sessions
• Customized schedules
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Crowdsource agenda items from your audience and prioritize the most important tasks that need to be addressed.

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With this module, you're able to use MeetingPulse video or integrate with a 3rd party to embed a live stream, or a video link to play within your meeting.

Video Options:

• MeetingPulse Video Conference
• MeetingPulse Video Webinar
• 3rd Party Video
• Zoom Integration
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Boost audience engagement by running a raffle – randomly selecting a member of your audience. Use them as ice breakers or a way to collect emails.Use them to segment the audience by demographics, affiliation, etc: for example, asking the audience where they are from, and then generating custom reports that break the other poll answers down by geography.

Raffle Options:

• Random
• Opt-in required
• Opt-In by email
• Quiz winners
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Send an announcement to all attendee screens at once. It will only show inside the MeetingPulse app and won’t interrupt them if they are doing something else.

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Create custom pages, post links, and host files related to your event.

Materials Options:

• Add Links
• Add Files
• Add Pages
• Welcome Messages
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Run brainstorm sessions with your audience and crowdsource thought. Create topic threads where attendees submit ideas and then vote and comment on them.

Ideas Options:

• Moderation
• Multiple Topics
• Ideas Upvotes
• Discussion threads
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Combine multiple poll questions into a survey and run in before, during or after the meeting. Entry surveys are filled out prior to accessing the meeting. Use them to segment the audience by demographics, affiliation, etc: for example, asking the audience where they are from, and then generating custom reports that break the other poll answers down by geography.

Survey Options:

• Add instructions
• Text formatting
• Optional questions
• Entry survey/Exit survey
• Custom thank you slide
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Let your audience tell you how they feel in real time — see the “pulse” of the room. Attendees can react at any moment to what’s being said or presented.

Pulse Options:

• Sentiment Chart/timeline
• Audio Recording
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Live audience Q&A lets you know what’s on their mind: collect questions from your audience before, during or after the meeting or event. Allow voting on submitted questions to shape the agenda ahead of time by surfacing the most popular topics.

Q&A Options:

• Discussion threads
• Popular vs. Newest
• Mark as answered
• Moderation
• Edit questions
• Text formatting
• CSV export
• Export CSV
• Question upvotes
• Broadcast view
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Have specific questions for your audience? Run one or more polls with many configurable options. You can choose to show individual polls at specific points of the event, or enable them all at once — the attendees will go through them one by one. As responses flow in, watch the results update in real-time

Poll Options

• Text formatting
• CSV export
• Broadcast view
• Add images
• Hide poll results
• Respond once
• Entry/Exit polls

Poll Types

• Single choice
• Yes/No
• Rate
• Multiple choice
• Open/Free text
• NPS/Net Promoter Score poll
• Numerical
• Ranked Choice Voting