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Make your Teams meetings more interactive and engaging

Add MeetingPulse to Microsoft Teams and activate your audience with our flexible realtime feedback tools for polls, Q&A, moderation, surveys, raffles, and more.

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4 Steps to Integrate MeetingPulse + MSTeams

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1. Search for MeetingPulse in Microsoft AppSource and click "Add to Meeting".
Step2 Image
2. Select the Teams Meeting you would like to integrate with MeetingPulse.
Step 3 Image
3. Login to your MeetingPulse account and select a meeting.
Step 4 image
4. MeetingPulse's presenter view is now embedded in your Teams meeting. You can see the name of the MeetingPulse meeting at the top of the screen.
Access via short link
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No installs
Takes minutes to get started,
seconds to start a meeting.
Works in any browser: no app
installs or downloads required.
Attendees join instantly on their
devices via a short link.
Built on a cloud infrastructure that supports tens of thousands of active participants.
Make it yours. Enable only the features
you need and apply your own branding.
The UI feels like an app: it’s optimized for
phones, gesture-based and intuitive.

Why MeetingPulse?

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MeetingPulse is the market leader in offering powerful, flexible interactivity tools for polls, Q&A, moderation, surveys, raffles, and more. Whether it’s a gathering of 10 or 10,000 people coming together, inside those events, MeetingPulse enables meetings that count.

Activate your hybrid workforce with an integrative platform: