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Success stories

Add high engagement to any virtual meeting or event at a moment’s notice - for 12 or 1200 attendees

The Challenge

Global streaming platform Ikonik got a last-minute request from a client, a large medical foundation, to change the client’s in-person event to a fully virtual one. And the foundation still wanted seamless engagement from participants.

The foundation wanted more than just a video call. They wanted full participation and inclusivity, psychological safety, a democracy, and a meritocracy - all in one place.

So Ikonik needed to provide their client with compelling ways to increase interaction among the event participants.

  • Private labeling for Ikonik
  • Client need to use their own video
  • Highly intuitive for non-technical viewers and moderators
  • Robust, proven solution, with a reliable, well-documented API that could easily be incorporated into the customer’s event site and included all the required features in a single solution

The Solution

Leveraging MeetingPulse’s interactive technology with Ikonik’s personal video assets, the event engaged 1200 virtual global viewers on one platform. Ikonik was able to create an event that included their own branding and the foundation’s video while encouraging honest participation.

Implementation of Strategy
The flexibility and ease of the tool allowed the client to develop content right up to the evening before the event. The event URL was placed into an iframe, and the API was integrated to pass user information for better audience interaction and post-event reporting. The Photos feature was used to create a user-generated photo wall on the event site. The Ideas module allowed attendees to share resources with one another throughout the event.

Finally, the Schedule module allowed Ikonik to streamline event site development and adapt to last-minute schedule changes easily.

Ikonik took advantage of several features on the MeetingPulse platform:

Live Chat
  • In the main digital “lobby”
  • On session pages
  • In virtual waiting rooms
  • Better audience interaction
  • Post-event reporting
  • Use of iframe
  • Live moderated Q&A during panels
  • Upvoting on questions submitted to prioritize the most important
  • Anonymous posting to encourage more people to ask more powerful questions
  • Fun pop-up polls
  • Trivia/Quizzes
  • Post-event surveys
  • Streamline event site development
  • Adapt to last-minute schedule changes
  • Maintain an organized activities schedule


Over 98% of meeting participants during the trial stated that they found the tool helpful. Meeting hosts found the engagement features for questions, upvoting, and polling of the meeting participants especially useful.

The detailed reporting provided by MeetingPulse gave the company a new way to measure employee engagement, and estimates based on meeting participation rates before the deployment of MeetingPulse show that engagement increased by as much as 350%.

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Does MeetingPulse work with PowerPoint?
Yes, it does. You can add MeetingPulse as a PowerPoint Add-in and see real-time results and changes right on your PowerPoint slide.
What platforms do you support?
MeetingPulse works in any web browser and can be accessed from any device that uses one. You can also integrate MeetingPulse into your favorite video-meeting apps, such as Zoom, Webex, and Microsoft Teams, as well as video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo.
Can I customize MeetingPulse?
To make MeetingPulse a seamless addition to your meetings, we offer custom themes. You can use your own logo and your colors in Attendee View as well as Broadcast View. Your company name can also be included in the webpage's title.

Your meeting can also have its own domain. This is great if you are going to promote your meeting offline. For example, you could use “” instead of “”.
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